The BE GOOD KIDS© – Greeting Cards Page

Be it part of the patented I Care Card Series, or an exciting special occasion or upcoming holiday – that is when you need a unique customized card from The Be Good Kids!

Select that special card for your someone special. For those occasions when the “ordinary” just will not do.

After a long day at work, you arrive at home and grab the mail. You flip through the pile of bills until that one piece of mail captures your attention – you stop flipping. Unlike the rest, this envelope is not legal-sized with your name and address typed neatly behind a clear window. It is handwritten and says that someone took the time to let you know that they were thinking about you.  It feels good.

It seems simple, but yes, a greeting card makes you feel loved or appreciated – we have all experienced it. The majority of Americans agree traditional methods of personal communication, such as greeting cards, beat out their point-and-click counterparts, such as text messaging and e-mail, by making people feel more special, according to a recent study* on behalf of the Greeting Card Association (GCA).

The Greeting Card Categories

Let Me Show You
How Much I Care

This card set is designed to show that special person in your life just how much you mean to them and how much you truly care. The sentiments and words are intended to express it in a special Be Good Kids fashion.

Individual – Variety – Holiday

This set is uniquely designed to give you a special Be Good Kids delivered message that is just right, for that special occasion or day. We offer a full line of cards for individual occasions and holidays.


Sepia Note Cards

These are professional quality Sepia Tone Note cards for the ultimate relationship booster – the Love and Romance theme. The blank inside feature allows you the chance to customize the sentiments.

BGK Color Logo Note Cards

This is a set of professional quality FULL COLOR Be Good Kids logo note cards. The blank
inside feature allows you to customize the occasion to fit the event and the personalized sentiments.