Welcome to the online home of everything associated with The Be Good Kids©.

Willie J. Boyd is the creator of The Be Good Kids© and the force behind The Be Good Kids© 5-day Greeting Card System; The Be Good Kids© Curriculum (For Pre-Schoolers and Kindergartners – A Character-Building Project), and The Be Good Kids© Books.


“As a child my mother continually told me that I could do anything I put my mind to. Over and over and over… it was the repetition of the message that became part of my thinking process. And it has helped me through some of my most trying times. The Be Good Kids message is that same repeating drum beat about the good in us.” 


“The Be Good Kids” concept promotes the power of being and doing good. The Be Good Kids Greeting Cards Repetition System is a product from a tremendous moment in my life. Several years ago, during the last day of a seven-day fast, I experienced an eight-hour awakening, interpreted as a vision. The interactive inspirational encounter revealed a number of insights to living. One of the questions answered was “what could I do good and earn a living at”? Response: The Being Good concept appeared, of promoting the power of Being Good! And through repetition, you can make anyone feel good! 


BGK creator, Willie Boyd